About us

Who are we?

We are two nerds from Stockholm, Sweden. With a passion for design, technology and most importantly, space, we started working on planetposter with our minds set at creating not only a great piece of interior design, but something that would remind us about our next destination. We experienced a lack of high-quality space-themed products that could seamlessly fit into one's home, especially with the increased time spent at home during the pandemic.

We want to bring the experience of the next frontier of exploration into our homes.

The process

An important part of the design process has been to focus on the aesthetic details that space and planets bring us.

Our products are manufactured using modern CNC machines, an advanced technique capable of producing highly detailed parts in different materials.

We're aiming to have more products and connect the exploration, knowledge and curiosity that follows along with a planetposter.


The Perseverance landing site